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Topical and timely insights from top chromatographers

Chiral Separations 8: Essential oils and fragrance on Rt-βDEXsa

In this blog we come back to the Rt-βDEXsa column and its application to rose oils and fragrance. The Rt-bDEXsa has a significantly different selectivity than the other chiral ...

15 August 2022
Jana Rousova Hepner, PhD

PFAS in Air, Part 5: Resin Extraction

In previous blog posts, I’ve talked about the draft OTM-45 method; the chromatography we were able to achieve; the calibration requirements and results; and the resin cleaning ...

14 August 2022
Jason Hoisington

Revisiting the optimal heating rate for gas chromatography

The primary goal of the GC oven temperature program is to maximize the peak capacity of our chromatogram. Temperature programming, when paired with constant flow (pressure prog...

5 August 2022
Chris Rattray

Contents inside your baseplate trap

We often get asked in tech service for a list of materials contained inside our baseplate traps from customers who are concerned about disposal regulations. They have read our ...

3 August 2022
Alan Sensue

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