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Topical and timely insights from top chromatographers

Troubleshooting GC Columns – a Methodological Approach – Part 1

When it comes to troubleshooting GC columns, often a methodological approach is best, unless you know exactly what has caused the issue.  If you are struggling to find the caus...

23 November 2022
Alan Sensue

Troubleshooting GC Columns – a Methodological Approach – Part 2

In this post, I provide links to Restek videos and literature to help you fix specific issues when you are trying to troubleshoot your chromatographic problems....

23 November 2022
Alan Sensue

What to do when your packed/micropacked column is no longer available

Here is a common scenario: A customer has asked you to analyze their samples using a method that uses a packed column instead of a capillary column. When you research companie...

22 November 2022
Alan Sensue

Protecting a GC Capillary Column from Matrix

If your chromatography degrades quickly after injecting samples (or standards) that contain matrix, the following suggestions may help increase the numbers of injections before...

21 November 2022
Alan Sensue

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