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Certified Reference Material Explained

16 June 2014
  • Glenn Gerhab
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Restek offers Certified Reference Material (CRM) for a wide variety of analytical methods. But what makes a reference material certified and are there different certifications available?

Let’s start with a brief overview of ISO accreditation. A company is first registered to standards such as ISO 9001:2008, which indicates they have an approved quality system in place that is actively followed. To earn accreditation to produce and test CRM, an independent ISO recognized accrediting body visits the site of a reference standard manufacturer; inspect the facility, and reviews established quality system implemented by the manufacturer. Accreditation is awarded when the auditor is satisfied strict criteria of Guide 34 and IEC 17025 are met. Also this accreditation is maintained by periodic visits by the accrediting body to ensure competence and impartiality. Restek has taken specific steps to achieve these goals.

Often, we are asked questions such as are these Reference Materials NIST traceable? Or a question of are these reference materials NIST certified? This may sound similar but they are two entirely different questions.

• Restek CRM’s are NIST traceable. o Visit the FAQ section for details on this answer as well as other useful information on our Reference Standards.

• Restek CRM’s are not NIST certified. Only NIST can certify their Standard Reference Materials (SRM)

Another question on certification: Are your Reference Materials USP certified?

• Restek CRM’s are not USP certified. Only the USP can certify USP Certified Reference Materials.


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