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Contents inside your baseplate trap

14 March 2014
  • Alan Sensue
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We often get asked in tech service for a list of materials contained inside our baseplate traps from customers who are concerned about disposal regulations.  They have read our FAQ How do I dispose of used gas traps or filters?, but before contacting their waste disposal company, a list of the trap contents is requested.  Normally this information would be contained in a SDS, but the traps we sell are considered “Articles”, they do not require that one be sent with the product (for more information, please see Changes are coming to the MSDS; um, I mean the SDS).

Packing contents can be found in the link below for Super Clean Baseplate Filters/Traps, Super Clean Click-On Inline Filters/Traps and Super Clean Inline Big Filters/Traps

MSDS Purifiers Rev1

Safety Data Sheet - CO2 Filters











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