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Looking for neat FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) mixes and singles?

28 November 2022
  • Tim Herring
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The chart below illustrates our complete line of neat FAME mixes, as well as what each FAME mix is composed of. The neat FAME mixes are in 50 mg quantities.



Here is a complete listing of all our currently available neat (undiluted) FAME singles, which come in 100 mg quantities.


A quick glance and folks may think these are empty ampules, when in fact the material is inside. 50-100 mg is not a lot, so it might appear as a white residue or even a smear on the inside of the glass ampule.  For FAMES that are a clear liquid, some of the material can become trapped inside the tip of the ampule. Sometimes a gentle flick of the finger can release the material and allow it to run into the main chamber of the ampule. Simply remove and then weigh the desired amount of the neat standard using an analytical balance. Then bring to volume at the desired concentration.

Here are a couple of example Certificate of Compositions (CoC) for our neat FAMEs.


Nu-Chek Prep, Inc. makes these for us. We can also provide any of their FAME mixes, which we do not typically offer, as customs. Just provide us with the existing Nu-Chek product information when requesting it as a custom, using the form in the link that follows.


Here is our flagship article on FAMEs analysis.


Here is some background on proper derivatization of the free fatty acids into their respective methyl esters.


Here is some information on performing FAME calculations.


I hope this was helpful!

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