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Need help finding the correct ferrule to install your GC column? Part 3: Perkin Elmer GCs

23 March 2015
  • Glenn Gerhab
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Need help finding a ferrule to install your column? Part 3: Perkin Elmer GCs

You’re ready to install a column into your GC and realize you do not have ferrules to do the job. Which ferrule do you choose?  The parameters to consider when choosing the correct ferrule are instrument make and model, nut size and type, ferrule material, and column ID.  A visit to our ferrules home page will provide a general overview of various ferrules offered by Restek.  By navigating the page, you can narrow the selection by choosing these parameters.  This post will focus on Perkin Elmer GCs.

Capillary columns:

Perkin Elmer inlets use 1/16 inch fittings to install capillary columns. Some inlets require reducing adaptors as the body of these inlets and large fitting mounted in the GC oven is 1/4 inch. Restek and Perkin Elmer sell 1/4 to 1/16 inch reducing adaptors.

Inlet Adaptors: Restek adaptors come with 1/4 inch ferrule and 1/4" SS nut to connect the adaptor to the inlet.

 inlet ad

Compression Style        Perkin Elmer Style

Perkin Elmer FID, ECD, NPD and FPD detectors come with 1/8 inch fittings. To install capillary columns in these detectors you can opt for a 1/8 inch nut and reducing ferrule. Or you can purchase a detector reducing adaptor just like the inlet. Restek and Perkin Elmer sell 1/8 to 1/16 inch reducing adaptors.

Detector Adaptors for Perkin Elmer FID, ECD, NPD and FPD: Ours are supplied with a 1/8 inch nut required to attach.

det ad

22609 - Compression Style          22608 - Perkin Elmer Style  

To install a capillary column into the TCD, make-up gas may be required for low capillary flow rates. Restek does not sell the fittings or adaptors for the TCD.

Our Vespel/graphite ferrules will work with Perkin Elmer style fittings and nuts. Our 100% graphite ferrules will not.

  • Restek does not sell Perkin Elmer style nuts.
  • Restek's standard 1/16" ferrules will work with Perkin Elmer style fittings and nuts.
  • Restek sells a compression style reducing adaptor, 22609, that will accept a 1/16 inch nut.  These will accept graphite and Vespel/graphite capillary ferrules.
  • Once you’ve determined which fitting is on your GC you can go to the table in part 1 and match the ferrule ID to capillary column ID and choose the appropriate ferrule.


Packed Columns:

Perkin Elmer packed column inlets are not on-column. They are equipped with liners (glass or quartz); Restek does not sell this type of packed column inlet liner. The fitting size on both the packed column injector and detectors are 1/8 inch diameter. To connect a 1/8 inch packed column all that is required is a 1/8 inch nut and ferrule.

If you have a 3/16 or 1/4 inch packed column, you will need to purchase from Perkin Elmer the 1/4 inch adaptors for the injector and detector. Then use a 1/4 inch nut and either a 1/4- 3/16 inch reducing ferrule for a 3/16" OD column or a 1/4" ferrule for 1/4 inch OD column

My next post, Part 4 of the series, will discuss Thermo Scientific GC’s ferrules, nuts, and helpful hints. Thank you for reading.


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