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Volatile Organics by EPA 8021 on Rtx-VRX

ColumnRtx-VRX, 75 m, 0.45 mm ID, 2.55 µm (cat.# 19309)
Standard/Sample502.2 CAL2000 MegaMix Mixture (cat.# 30431)
502.2 Calibration Mix #1A (cat.# 30439)
4-bromochlorobenzene (cat.# 30230)
2-chloroethyl vinyl ether (cat.# 30265)
1,4-dichlorobutane (cat.# 30227)
fluorobenzene (cat.# 30030)
methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) (cat.# 30402)
Freon 113 (custom)
Conc.:20 ppb in 5 mL of RO water
Injectionpurge and trap splitless
Purge and Trap
Instrument:Tekmar LSC-3000 Purge and Trap
Trap Type:Vocarb 3000
Purge: 11 min, flow 40 mL/min
Dry Purge: 1 min, flow 40 mL/min
Desorb Preheat Temp.:245 °C
Desorb: 2 min @ 250 °C
Bake: 8 min @ 260 °C
Interface Connection:direct
Transfer Line Tubing:0.32mm ID Siltek Guard Column (cat.# 10027)
Oven Temp.:35 °C (hold 12 min) to 60 °C at 5 °C/min (hold 1 min) to 220 °C at 17 °C/min (hold 3 min)
Carrier GasHe, constant flow
Flow Rate:9 mL/min
DetectorμGold Tandem PID/HALL 2000
NotesDry purge: 1 min. @ 40mL/min. (MCS bypassed with Silcosteel tubing).
PID: makeup 7mL/min., purge 7mL/min., set @ 0.35mV base temp. 200°C.
ELCD Hall 2000: RxnGas 25mL/min.,RxnTemp.: 940°C, propanol flow 470μL/min.
AcknowledgementFinnigan 9001 GC, μGold Tandem Photoionization/HALL 2000 Electrolytic Conductivity Detector provided courtesy of Thermo Finnigan GC & GC/MS Division, 2215 Grand Avenue Pkwy, Austin, Texas 78728