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FAMEs (NLEA Mix) on Rt-2560

1.C4:0 Methyl butyrate
2.C6:0 Methyl hexanoate
3.C8:0 Methyl octanoate
4.C10:0 Methyl decanoate
5.C11:0 Methyl undecanoate
6.C12:0 Methyl laurate
7.C13:0 Methyl tridecanoate
8.C14:0 Methyl myristate
9.C14:1 Methyl myristoleate (cis-9)
10.C15:0 Methyl pentadecanoate
11.C16:0 Methyl palmitate
12.C16:1 Methyl palmitoleate (cis-9)
13.C17:0 Methyl heptadecanoate
14.C18:0 Methyl stearate
15.C18:1 Methyl elaidate (trans-9)
16.C18:1 Methyl oleate (cis-9)
17.C18:2 Methyl linolelaidate (trans-9,12)
18.C18:2 Methyl linoleate (cis-9,12)
19.C20:0 Methyl arachidate
20.C20:1 Methyl eicosenoate (cis-11)
21.C18:3 Methyl linolenate (cis-9,12,15)
22.C22:0 Methyl behenate
23.C22:1 Methyl erucate (cis-13)
24.C23:0 Methyl tricosanoate
25.C24:0 Methyl lignocerate
26.C20:5 Methyl eicosapentaenoate (cis-5,8,11,14,17)
27.C24:1 Methyl nervonate (cis-15)
28.C22:6 Methyl docosahexaenoate (cis-4,7,10,13,16,19)
ColumnRt-2560, 100 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.20 µm (cat.# 13199)
Standard/SampleNLEA FAME mix (cat.# 35078)
Diluent:Methylene chloride
Conc.:30 mg/mL total FAMEs
Inj. Vol.:1 µL split (split ratio 100:1)
Liner:Splitless (4 mm ID) (cat.# 20814)
Inj. Temp.:225 °C
Oven Temp.:100 °C (hold 4 min) to 240 °C at 3 °C/min (hold 10 min)
Carrier GasH2, constant flow
Flow Rate:1.2 mL/min
DetectorFID @ 250 °C