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trans-Fats in Frosting on Rt-2560

PeakstR (min)
2.C18:1 (trans-6)26.576
3.C18:1 (trans-9)26.702
5.C18:1 (trans-11)26.937
PeakstR (min)
6.C18:1 (cis-6)27.201
7.C18:1 (cis-9)27.372
8.C18:1 27.529
9.C18:1 (cis-11)27.751
11.C18:2 (cis-9,12)31.011
ColumnRt-2560, 100 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.20 µm (cat.# 13198)
Standard/SampleSee notes
Inj. Vol.:1 µL split (split ratio 100:1)
Liner:Topaz 4.0 mm ID Precision inlet liner w/wool (cat.# 23305)
Inj. Temp.:250 °C
Oven Temp.:160 °C (hold 20 min) to 250 °C at 2 °C/min (hold 10 min)
Carrier GasH2, constant flow
Flow Rate:2 mL/min
DetectorFID @ 250 °C
Constant Column + Constant Make-up:52 mL/min
Make-up Gas Type:N2
Hydrogen flow:40 mL/min
Air flow:400 mL/min
Data Rate:50 Hz
InstrumentAgilent 7890A GC
Sample PreparationSample: 0.12 g of chocolate frosting was dissolved in 1 mL hexane and 0.5 mL acetone and then reacted with 75 µL NaOCH3 (2 M). The sample was then vortexed for 10 sec, and the reaction was stopped by the addition of 1 mL of acetic acid (0.5 M). FAMEs were extracted into the hexane layer, which was injected for analysis.

Standard: cis/trans FAME mix (cat.# 35079) was diluted 50x in hexane, resulting in a final FAME concentration of 0.16–0.40%.