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Aromatics (Xylene Isomers plus Cumene) on 5% RT-1200/1.75% Bentone 34 on 100/120 Silcoport

Column5% Rt-1200, 1.75% Bentone 34, 100/120 mesh on Silcoport W, SilcoSmooth Tubing, 1.8 m, 1/8 in. OD, 2 mm ID (cat.# 80125-800)
Conc.:0.5 μg/μL in hexane
Inj. Vol.:0.1 µL Direct
Inj. Temp.:200 °C
Oven Temp.:75 °C
Carrier GasN2, constant flow
Flow Rate:20 mL/min
DetectorFID @ 200 °C
NotesFID sensitivity: 32 x 10-11 AFS