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Solvents on DiatoSorb-WHP Packed Column

Column20% OV-101, 0.1% CW-1500, 100/120 mesh on DiatoSorb-WHP, SilcoSmooth tubing, 3 m, 1/8 in OD, 2 mm ID
Conc.: Equal proportions of neat compounds
Inj. Vol.:0.1 µL on-column
Inj. Temp.:200 °C
Oven Temp.:100 °C (hold 5 min)
Carrier GasHe, constant flow
Flow Rate:40 mL/min
DetectorFID @ 250 °C
InstrumentAgilent 7890B GC
NotesThe particle size distribution of DiatoSorb material is more uniform than that of commercially available diatomaceous earth material. For this application, the pressure required to achieve a flow rate of 40 mL/min He (@ 100 °C) on a diatomaceous earth packed column is 50 psi, whereas it is only 33.7 psi on a DiatoSorb packed column. Furthermore, the narrower particle size distribution of the DiatoSorb material results in highly efficient columns.