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Ultrashort-Chain and Short-Chain PFAS on Raptor Polar X

PeakstR (min)Conc.
Precursor IonProduct IonProduct Ion
1.Perfluorobutanesulfonic acid (PFBS)1.01400298.9779.9798.89
2.13C3-Perfluorobutanesulfonic acid (M3PFBS)1.01100301.9779.97-
3.Perfluoropropanesulfonic acid (PFPrS)1.06400248.9779.9198.91
4.Perfluoroethanesulfonic acid (PFEtS)1.12400198.9079.9298.91
5.Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid (TFMS)1.25400148.9779.9398.92
6.Perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA)1.93400213.03168.98-
7.13C4-Perfluorobutanoic acid (M4PFBA)1.93100217.03171.98-
8.Perfluoropropanoic acid (PFPrA)2.23400162.97119.02-
9.Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA)3.05400113.0369.01-
ColumnRaptor Polar X (cat.# 9311A52)
Dimensions:50 mm x 2.1 mm ID
Particle Size:2.7 µm
Pore Size:90 Å
Temp.:40 °C
Diluent:Reverse osmosis water
Conc.:100 - 400 ng/L (ppt)
Inj. Vol.:10 µL
Mobile Phase
A:Water, 10 mM ammonium formate, 0.1% formic acid
B:95:5 Acetonitrile:isopropanol, 0.1% formic acid
Time (min)Flow (mL/min)%A%B
DetectorWaters Xevo TQ-S
Ion Mode:ESI-
InstrumentWaters ACQUITY UPLC I-Class
Sample PreparationThe standard solution was prepared in reverse osmosis water at 400 ppt. An aliquot of 0.4 mL was transferred to a polypropylene HPLC vial and mixed with 4 µL of internal standard solution (10 ng/mL) containing M3PFBS and M4PFBA.