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Low-Pressure GC (LPGC) Column Kit

Leverage Your MS Vacuum to Significantly Speed Up Separations
  • 3x faster multiresidue pesticides analysis in foods.
  • Factory-coupled, leak-free kit makes setting up LPGC as simple as a column change.
  • Ideal for speeding up GC-MS and GC-MS/MS methods.
  • Integrated transfer line reduces background and stabilization time.

Low-Pressure GC (LPGC) Column Kit

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11800 Low-Pressure GC (LPGC) Column Kit -60 to 340/340 °C kit Select Deselect

Catalog # 11800

Product Name
Low-Pressure GC (LPGC) Column Kit  
Temp Limits
-60 to 340/340 °C  
Factory-coupled restrictor column (5 m x 0.18 mm ID) and Rtx-5ms analytical column (15 m, 0.53 mm ID, 1 µm plus 1 m integrated transfer line on the outlet end)  

Restek’s low-pressure GC column kit has been specifically designed to easily install into your GC-MS or GC-MS/MS system, making it simpler to take advantage of the speed boost that is possible with low-pressure GC-MS (LPGC-MS). This kit is comprised of two factory-coupled columns:

  • Restrictor column: 5 m length of 0.18 mm ID Hydroguard tubing.
  • Analytical column with integrated transfer line: 15 m, 0.53 mm ID, 1 µm Rtx-5ms analytical column plus 1 m integrated transfer lines on the outlet end (16 m total length of 0.53 mm ID tubing).

These two lengths of tubing (0.18 mm ID restrictor column and 0.53 mm ID analytical column with integrated transfer line) are pre-connected by Restek using a robust, inert, zero-dead-volume connector and then individually tested to ensure leak-free performance for LPGC-MS applications.