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Rtx-2887 Column (fused silica)

nonpolar phase; Crossbond 100% dimethyl polysiloxane—for simulated distillation
  • Application-specific column for simulated distillation.
  • Stable to 360 °C.
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Rtx-2887 Column (fused silica)

Catalog # 10199

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10199 Rtx-2887 2.65 µm 0.53 mm 10 m -60 to 360 °C ea. Select Deselect

Catalog # 10199

Product Name
df (Film Thickness)
2.65 µm  
0.53 mm  
10 m  
Temp Limits
-60 to 360 °C  
Similar To
Agilent 125-2814
Phenomenex 7CK-G001-35

The Rtx-2887 column's stationary phase, column dimensions, and film thickness have been optimized to exceed the resolution and skewing factor requirements specified in ASTM Method D2887. Each column is individually tested to guarantee a stable baseline with low bleed and reproducible retention times. The Crossbond methyl silicone stationary phase has increased stability compared to packed columns, ensuring stable baselines and shorter conditioning times.
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