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Chromosorb Micropacked GC Columns

  • Increased efficiency over traditional packed columns.
  • Higher capacity than PLOT columns.
  • Made from inert, flexible SilcoSmooth tubing.
  • Wide range of packings available.
  • Standard coils fit all instruments. No special instrument configurations required.
Ordering Notes
Custom packed and micropacked columns also available by request.
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Chromosorb Micropacked GC Columns

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19040 20% TCEP on 80/100 Chromosorb PAW 0.75 mm 0.56 m 1/16" 0 to 175 °C ea. Select Deselect

Catalog # 19040

Product Name
20% TCEP on 80/100 Chromosorb PAW  
0.75 mm  
0.56 m  
Temp Limits
0 to 175 °C  

Efficient, Inert, and Flexible
Micropacked columns are highly efficient and provide good sample capacity, resulting in a powerful tool for solving many difficult application problems. The unsurpassed inertness of SilcoSmooth tubing is based on Siltek deactivation, which allows the column to be flexed and coiled without any fear of chipping or cracking the inert surface.

Easy to Install—Multiple Internal Diameters
Our micropacked columns are designed to fit packed and capillary injection systems. Standard wall (1/16-inch OD) micropacked columns offer improved efficiency in packed column instruments without the expense of converting to capillary injection systems. Smaller OD (0.95 mm OD) micropacked columns install easily into a capillary injector, using slightly larger ferrules. Micropacked columns operate at flows exceeding 10 cc/min for trouble-free operation.

Braided Wire End Plugs
Restek’s packed column experts insert braided wire into the column and secure it by making a small crimp near the column outlet. End plugs are Siltek treated—the sample contacts only inert surfaces.