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Raptor EtG/EtS LC Column

  • Proven performance for accurate, reliable ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and ethyl sulfate (EtS) analysis.
  • Strong retention consistently resolves analytes from matrix interferences.
  • Long column lifetime ensures consistent performance injection after injection.
  • Fast, 4-minute, dilute-and-shoot LC-MS/MS analysis supports high sample throughput.
  • Save time and increase certainty with Restek’s definitive EtG/EtS method and quality reference standards.

Did you know consistent EtG/EtS results depend on proper column conditioning? Learn how to ensure stable performance at

Ordering Notes

Certificates of analysis for new Restek LC columns are now provided electronically. To view and download, visit then enter your cat.# and serial #.

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Raptor EtG/EtS LC Column

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9325A12 2.1 mm 100 mm 2.7 µm ea. Select Deselect

Catalog # 9325A12

2.1 mm  
100 mm  
Particle Size
2.7 µm  
Pore Size
90 Å  
Product Name
Raptor EtG/EtS LC Column  

Restek chemists became the first to combine the speed of superficially porous particles (also known as SPP or "core-shell" particles) with the resolution of highly selective USLC technology. This new breed of chromatographic column allows you to more easily achieve peak separation and faster analysis times with existing HPLC and UHPLC instrumentation. Learn more about Raptor LC columns at

Stationary Phase Category: Proprietary
Ligand Type: Proprietary
Particle: 2.7 μm superficially porous particle (SPP or “core-shell” particle) silica
Pore Size: 90 Å
Carbon Load: Proprietary
End-Cap: Proprietary
Surface Area: 130 m2/g
Recommended Usage:
pH Range: 2.0–8.0
Maximum Temperature: 40 °C
Maximum Pressure: 600 bar/8700 psi

  • Resolution of EtG and EtS from matrix interferences.
  • Increased retention of EtG and EtS compared to traditional phases.
Switch to the Raptor EtG/EtS column when:
  • Other columns can’t resolve EtG and EtS from matrix components.
  • You need high-throughput EtG/EtS analysis.
  • Low-level detection limits are desired.