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Cannabinoids Acids 7 Standard (7 components)

  • Comprehensive acids blend contains seven of the most frequently analyzed cannabinoid acids.
  • Reduces the time, expense, and error associated with in-house preparation of mixed standards from single-compound solutions.
  • High-concentration formulation maximizes flexibility; simplifies potency testing and method development for a wide range of cannabinoids and sample types.
  • Pair with our cannabinoids neutrals 9 standard for more complete cannabinoid profiling.
  • Verified composition and stability.
  • Two independently produced lots available so ISO and your quality program requirements can be met with a single order.
  • Restek has the products and expertise you need for cannabis analysis:

U.S. DEA-exempted formulation—no additional customer permits or licensing are required to purchase within the U.S.

For locations outside of the U.S., please contact your local Restek representative or Restek technical support for assistance in purchasing this product.

Certified reference materials (CRMs) manufactured and QC tested in ISO-accredited labs satisfy your ISO requirements.

Cannabinoids Acids 7 Standard (7 components)

Catalog # 34144

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34144 Cannabinoids Acids 7 Standard 1000 µg/mL, Acetonitrile with 1% DIPEA and 0.05% Ascorbic Acid, 1 mL/ampul ea. Select Deselect

Catalog # 34144

Product Name
Cannabinoids Acids 7 Standard  
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
1000 µg/mL, Acetonitrile with 1% DIPEA and 0.05% Ascorbic Acid, 1 mL/ampul  
Canadian Test Kit Registration
C.T.K.# 003-015  
Certified Reference Material (CRM)
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Status
Max Shelf Life on Ship Date
15 months  
Min Shelf Life on Ship Date*
6 months  
Shipping Conditions
On Ice  
Storage Temperature
–20 °C or colder  
For more information about storage and shipment temperatures, see our FAQ.
*Have specific minimum (min.) shelf- life requirements? Contact us

    Cannabichromenic Acid (CBCA) (185505-15-1)
    Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA) (1244-58-2)
    Cannabidivarinic Acid (CBDVA) (31932-13-5)
    Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA) (25555-57-1)
    Cannabinolic Acid (CBNA) (2808-39-1)
    Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA-A) (23978-85-0)
    Tetrahydrocannabivarinic Acid (THCVA) (39986-26-0)