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QuEChERS Performance Standard A (16 components)

  • Designed for use in all QuEChERS methods for pesticides in fruits and vegetables, including the original unbuffered method, AOAC 2007.01, and EN15662.
  • Ideal for initial method evaluations and ongoing method performance validations.
  • Optimized blend of chemically compatible analytes for maximum stability and shelf life.
  • Precise formulation improves data quality and operational efficiency; spend more time running samples and less time sourcing and preparing standards.
  • Quantitatively analyzed to confirm the composition and stability of each mixture.

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QuEChERS performance standards kits are ideal for broad class work because they provide a wide range of commonly used organochlorine, organonitrogen, organophosphorus, and carbamate pesticides, while still keeping the total number of analytes to a reasonable level.

Certified reference materials (CRMs) manufactured and QC tested in ISO-accredited labs satisfy your ISO requirements.

QuEChERS Performance Standard A (16 components)

Catalog # 31153

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31153 QuEChERS Performance Standard A 300 µg/mL each in acetonitrile:acetic acid (99.9:0.1), 1 mL/ampul ea. Select Deselect

Catalog # 31153

Product Name
QuEChERS Performance Standard A  
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
300 µg/mL each in acetonitrile:acetic acid (99.9:0.1), 1 mL/ampul  
Certified Reference Material (CRM)
Max Shelf Life on Ship Date
12 months  
Min Shelf Life on Ship Date*
3 months  
Shipping Conditions
Storage Temperature
10 °C or colder  
For more information about storage and shipment temperatures, see our FAQ.
*Have specific minimum (min.) shelf- life requirements? Contact us

    Acephate (30560-19-1)
    Azinphos methyl (86-50-0)
    Chlorpyrifos (2921-88-2)
    Coumaphos (56-72-4)
    Diazinon (333-41-5)
    Dichlofluanid (1085-98-9)
    Dichlorvos (DDVP) (62-73-7)
    Dimethoate (60-51-5)
    Fenthion (55-38-9)
    Malathion (121-75-5)
    Methamidophos (10265-92-6)
    Mevinphos (7786-34-7)
    Omethoate (1113-02-6)
    Phosalone (2310-17-0)
    Pirimiphos methyl (29232-93-7)
    Propargite (2312-35-8)