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Resprep PLR SPE Products

  • Remove both proteins and phospholipids from biological samples in one easy, high-efficiency procedure.
  • Avoid signal suppression by removing interfering phospholipids from the sample matrix.
  • No method development—straightforward and effective sample preparation for acids, bases, and neutral compounds.
  • Offered in 96-well plate format for high-throughput or automated workflows and in cartridge format for lower throughput applications.
  • 3-way versatility for filtration—compatible with all common devices:
    • Vacuum manifolds
    • Positive pressure manifolds
    • Centrifugation

Learn more about phospholipid and protein removal using Resprep PLR SPE.

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Resprep PLR SPE Products

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28300 100-pk. Resprep PLR SPE Cartridge, 25 mg/1 mL cartridge Select Deselect

Catalog # 28300

Product Name
Resprep PLR SPE Cartridge, 25 mg/1 mL cartridge  
28301 2 mL, 25 mg ea. Resprep PLR SPE 96-Well Plate, 25 mg/2 mL each well Select Deselect

Catalog # 28301

2 mL, 25 mg  
Product Name
Resprep PLR SPE 96-Well Plate, 25 mg/2 mL each well  

Simultaneously remove phospholipids and proteins in a single, simple procedure with Resprep PLR (phospholipid removal) SPE products. Whole blood, serum, and plasma all contain proteins and phospholipids that can interfere with target analytes and hasten the need for instrument maintenance. It’s important to remove them from samples prior to analysis, and Resprep PLR SPE cartridges or 96-well plates make this an easy task by combining protein precipitation and phospholipid removal in one sample preparation process. No analyte-specific method development is required because the same procedure can be used for samples containing acids, bases, or neutral compounds. From preparation to analysis, Restek is proud to offer workflow solutions that help provide accurate, reliable results.