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Handy Septum Size Chart

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Instrument Septum Diameter
5880A, 5890, 6850, 6890, 7890, PTV 11 mm
5700, 5880 9.5/10 mm
On-Column Injection 5 mm
Bruker/Varian (Injector Type)
Packed Column 9.5/10 mm
1078/1079 10/11 mm
1177 9 mm
1075/1077 11 mm
Finnigan (TMQ)
GC 9001 9.5 mm
GCQ 9.5 mm
QCQ 9.5 mm
TRACE 2000 9.5 mm
6890 Series 11 mm
All Other Models 9.5 mm
Sigma Series 11 mm
900, 990 11 mm
8000 Series 11 mm
Auto SYS, Auto SYS XL 11 mm
Clarus 590/690 11 mm
All Models 7 mm
All Models Plug
GCs With Heated Inlets 9.5 mm
All Other Models Plug
Thermo Scientific
TRACE 1300/1310 Series 11 mm
TRACE Ultra GC 17 mm
FOCUS GC 17 mm
GCQ w/TRACE, PTV 12.7 mm
8000 Series 17 mm
540 11.5 mm
550, 560 9.5 mm
220, 222 12.7 mm

Restek septa are packaged in ultra-clean blister packs.
*12.7 mm and 17 mm BTO septa packaged in precleaned glass jars.

Tips for Handling Septa

All septa, regardless of composition, puncturability, or resistance to thermal degradation will fail if they are mishandled. Overtightening a septum nut invariably will reduce septum lifetime by increasing coring/splitting. All septa contain volatile materials (e.g., phthalates) that are released when the septum is heated (septum bleed). Because most GCs are equipped with a septum purge, septum bleed generally will disappear within 30 minutes after installing a new septum and exposing it to normal injector temperatures. All Restek septa are preconditioned and are ready to use without delay—order your Restek septa today at