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Keep Your Lucidity miniGC Running Dependably with Restek MXT Columns and Accessories

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A Lucidity miniGC provides the power of a conventional instrument with the smallest footprint available for a fully functional GC. It’s portable and easy to install, making it ideal for transport and use at multiple locations. In addition, Lucidity miniGCs use removable cartridges that hold pre-connected columns, which means any user can make correct installations quickly and reliably. To change columns, simply switch cartridges!

Restek is proud to support Lucidity miniGC instrumentation with our rugged MXT columns preinstalled on cartridges as well as with essential replacement parts and accessories. To order an MXT column for your Lucidity miniGC, simply add the suffix number below to the Restek catalog number for any MXT column (≤30 m) and we will ship it to you pre-connected on a cartridge and ready to install.

Catalog Number Suffix MXT Coiling Description
-LUC18 MXT column with 0.18 mm ID (fits Lucidity miniGCs)*
-LUC25 MXT column with 0.25 mm ID (fits Lucidity miniGCs)*
-LUC53 MXT column with 0.53 mm ID (fits Lucidity miniGCs)*

*MXT columns for Lucidity miniGCs must be ≤30 m long and come factory connected on a column cartridge (additional cost will be applied).

View our full line of MXT columns.

Restek Replacement Parts and Accessories will Keep Your Lucidity miniGC Performing at Its Peak

Restek cat.#
11 mm Thermolite Plus Septa, 50-pk. 23864
Topaz 4.0 mm ID Low Pressure Drop Precision Inlet Liner w/ Wool, 5-pk. 23309
Inlet Liner Removal Tool, 3-pk. 20181
Septum Puller 20117
SGE Autosampler Syringe, 10 µL, 50 mm Needle 24932
Kalrez Liner O-Ring, 5-pk. 29258
Liner Nut O-Ring, 5-pk. 29259
Open-End Wrench Set 20387
Merlin MicroShot Injector, 1.0 µL Injection 22229
SGE Replacement Plunger Assembly, PTFE-Tipped, 2-pk. 21284
SGE Replacement Needles, 2-pk. 24933
Inlet Wrench 29260

Learn more about Lucidity miniGCs.


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