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Packed & Micropacked Column Information

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Table I: For specific applications, we recommend using these optimized columns for better method performance. Click on the column name for product specifications and easy online ordering.

Application Column Feature Benefit

ASTM Method D3606

D3606 Application Column Set

Column 1: Backflush column, 6' (1.8 m), 1/8" OD, 2.0 mm ID; Column 2: proprietary packing, 15.5' (4.7 m), 1/8" OD, 2.0 mm ID

Excellent separation of ethanol and benzene.

Reliably meets method requirements.

Refinery Gases

2abc Refinery Gas Column Set

Backflush Column

Optimized three-column set. (Backflush column sold separately.)

Elutes C5 hydrocarbons before C1-C4 hydrocarbons for optimized resolution.

Unsaturated Light Hydrocarbons

n-Octane on Res-Sil C Column

Unique selectivity for unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Excellent resolution of unsaturated light hydrocarbons gives increased data accuracy.

cis-2-Butene and 1,3-Butadiene

OPN on Res-Sil C Column

Optimized selectivity for cis-2-butene and 1,3-butadiene resolution.

Increased data accuracy.

Permanent Gases

ShinCarbon ST Columns
Packed / Micropacked

Optimized selectivity for permanent gas resolution without cryogenic cooling. Preconditioned.

Increases productivity.

Low-Level Sulfurs

Rt-XLSulfur Columns
Packed / Micropacked

Highly inert for ppbv levels of sulfur. Eliminates need for PTFE tubing.

Increased data accuracy for low-level sulfur analysis. Eliminates need for a special GC setup.


Table II: Select the packed column configuration that fits your instrument from the options below and add the corresponding suffix to any standard part number.

(Note that small ID columns [1/16” or less] do not require a suffix.)

Suffix Configuration




Agilent 5880, 5890, 5987, 6890, 7890


Agilent 6850


Scion (Bruker 430, 450; Varian 3700, Vista Series FID)


Bruker 430, 450, Varian 3800


PE 900-3920; Sigma 1,2,3


PE Auto-System 8300, 8400, 8700; Clarus 500


PE Auto-System XL


Shimadzu 14A, 2014


Shimadzu 8A


Shimadzu 9A


Shimadzu 17A, 2010


Shimadzu Mini 2


Thermo TRACE 2000


Carlo Erba




HNU 310, 311


Analytical Controls


Carle 40030


Hitachi 263


Pye Unicam 4500


Gow Mac 590


Gow Mac 550


Gow Mac 750


Gow Mac 816


SRI 8610C


SRI 8610C Dual GC right side


SRI 8610C Dual GC left side


SRI 9300


Table III: Complete your column with one of our fitting kits.

Option* Description

Kit 1S

Fitting Kit: 1/4" Brass Nuts, 1/4" TO 1/8" VG Reducing Ferrules

Kit 2S

Fitting Kit: 1/4" Brass Nuts, 1/4" TO 3/16" VG Reducing Ferrules

Kit A

Fitting Kit: 1/8" Brass Nuts, 1/8" VG Ferrules

Kit B

Fitting Kit: 1/8" Brass Nuts, 1/8" Brass Front & Back Ferrules

Kit C

Fitting Kit: 1/8" SS Nuts, 1/8" SS Front & Back Ferrules

Kit D

Fitting Kit: 1/8" SS Nuts, 1/8" SS Ferrules

Kit E

Fitting Kit: 1/4" SS Nuts, 1/4" TO 1/8" VG Reducing Ferrules

Kit F

Fitting Kit: 1/4" SS Nuts, 1/4" TO 3/16" VG Reducing Ferrules

Kit V

Fitting Kit: 1/8" VCR; choose SS or Nickel


Optional for each finished column

*Some options available at additional cost.



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