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Pesticide Analysis at Pace

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Author(s): Lauren Robertson1, Kirk Jensen2
1. The Cannabis Scientist, 2. JEOL, USA, Inc., Peabody, Massachusetts, USA

Published By: The Cannabis Scientist

Year of Publication: 2022


Abstract: Speed is king in the world of pesticide analysis; as many lab managers know, being able to process more samples in a shorter time frame – while maintaining data quality – can be invaluable in high-throughput applications. Current gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) methods are certainly sensitive, but they require longer analysis times to effectively separate complex mixtures. Feeling the need for speed, Kirk Jensen, Robert “Chip” Cody, and John Dane from JEOL decided to test an approach using a low-pressure GC (LPGC) kit (Restek) with the enhanced selected reaction monitoring (SRM) switching speed of the short collision cell in a GC-triple quadrupole MS system (JMS-TQ4000GC, JEOL) (1).

Acknowledgment(s): This analysis used Restek’s Low-Pressure GC (LPGC) Column Kit (cat.# 11800).


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