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Resprep Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE) Sample Preparation

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  • Proven Quality
  • Superior Cleanliness
  • Method-Specific Performance

Resprep solid phase extraction (SPE) and supported liquid extraction (SLE) sample preparation products are manufactured with specially cleaned sorbents and high-purity materials to minimize background and help eliminate troublesome interference. In order to ensure reproducibility, our sorbents, cartridges, and 96-well plates go through rigorous QC testing, targeted to specific applications whenever possible, and extensive certification details the results. In addition, each product is packaged to ensure documented shelf life and keep unused sorbents factory-fresh. If you want proven quality and superior cleanliness with method-specific performance, you want Resprep SPE and SLE sample preparation.

Resprep solid phase extraction (SPE) products are available in a variety of sorbents, including:

  • CarboPrep Plus Adsorbent: Organochlorine Pesticide Cleanup in Soil and Water
  • CarboPrep Adsorbent: Multipurpose for Dirty Samples
  • EPH Fractionation Silica: Petroleum
  • Florisil Adsorbent: Pesticides
  • Phospholipid Removal (PLR): Proteins and Phospholipids in Whole Blood, Serum, and Plasma
  • Silica-Based: Multipurpose
  • Polymeric: Multipurpose

Resprep products are also available with supported liquid extraction (SLE) sorbent for the removal of proteins, phospholipids, and salts.

FREE samples are available! Contact us or your local Restek representative.

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