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Replacing a GC Inlet Liner

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Routine GC maintenance is important when doing gas chromatography, and replacing GC inlet liners is one of the most common tasks. In this example, we replace the liner in an Agilent 7890 gas chromatograph. The steps may vary on a different instrument or configuration.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to another Restek tip. In this video, we're going to replace our GC inlet liner. This is a very common bit of maintenance that we're going to do on our instruments, and one for which we'll need one principle tool. We want to have something that we can use to remove our old liner and to put our new liner in without contaminating it. We want to make sure that, the new liner stays clean and pristine. Something like a pair of forceps or Restek's Claw are the perfect tool for this particular job. We also want to make sure that we cool down the inlet so it is comfortable to the touch. Again, we don't want to burn ourselves.

Once it is cool enough to work with, we can open up the weldment, and that allows us to access the liner itself. We'll grab our Claw and use that to remove the old liner, and properly dispose of that. When we're ready to put it in a new liner, again, we want to take every reasonable step to make sure that it stays clean. Avoid contacting it with our fingers if we can. We also, though, do want to make sure that we put a clean, new O-ring on that liner as well. New liner, new O-ring.

Use the Claw to place that new liner into the inlet, and then seal the weldment back up. That's really all that's required for this relatively common maintenance of replacing our GC inlet liner. Thanks for joining us for this Restek tip.


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