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LC Troubleshooting—Baseline Problems


Trouble with your liquid chromatography (LC) baseline? We share some common examples of problematic baselines that we might see with some non-MS LC detectorsBaseline problems may be erratic such as those caused by an air bubble, whereas a more systematic pattern would be more likely to be a pump or piston problem. Finally, a generally bad looking baseline could be telling us it is time to clean our system. 

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Thanks for joining us for the latest Restek Tip. Today, I'm going to talk about troubleshooting LC baseline. There are a couple patterns that we can look at that can help us diagnose some problems.  

If we start to see something that's very erratic, this could be indicative that you have an air bubble in your system and simply need to purge it with mobile phase to get back to normal.  

Secondly, if you start to see something a bit more systematic, this could be a pump or piston issue, so simply by doing some routine maintenance in your laboratory, you can get your system back up and running to normal.  

Lastly, if you start to see something a bit more spurious, it can be a bit more difficult to diagnose, but typically by doing a thorough system cleaning, it can get you back to normal and you get your instrument back up and running soon.