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Simplify Workflows and Increase Certainty with Restek Custom Reference Standards

  • Formulated to your exact specifications.
  • Produced in ISO-accredited labs for assured quality.
  • Consultative expertise at your service.
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Why Choose Custom Reference Standards from Restek?

Definitive results for any analysis depend on accurate, precise reference standards for instrument calibration. For typical methods, stock products from a reputable vendor are a convenient choice, but for labs running methods with unique analyte lists, off-the-shelf standards may not exist. In these cases, labs may use available standards that are not ideally matched to their needs, or they may invest significant time and resources into preparing their own standards. Custom reference standards from Restek are a better solution to either scenario because you do not have to choose between customization, quality, or convenience. Custom certified reference materials (CRMs) from Restek combine the benefits of individualized solutions made to match your specific needs, with the assured quality built in by decades of formulations experience and production in our ISO-accredited labs. Having developed and produced over 150,000 stock and custom standard products over the past 30+ years, we have the expertise to create the perfect custom standard for your specific application.

Custom CRMs from Restek combine the flexibility of a made-to-order standard with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your personal formulation was developed by technical experts and made in an ISO-accredited lab.

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Restek Custom CRMs Give You More Flexibility and Less Complexity

With over 4000 compounds currently in our inventory and more being added routinely, we can make custom reference standards to your exact specifications. You can select compounds, concentrations, and solvents using our convenient online ordering tool, or you can consult with one of our technical experts for assistance in creating a standard that is optimized specifically for your purpose. Restek custom reference standards simplify your workflow and improve productivity because there is no need to spend time and money sourcing and managing raw materials, training technicians, preparing standards, etc. Using custom reference materials, your lab can focus on analyzing samples instead of making and managing standards. As an additional service, we can supply two independent lots, so you can meet quality program requirements with the convenience of ordering from just one source. Take the complexity out of standards management by letting us do the work for you.

Technical Expertise and Built-in Quality Provide Peace of Mind

We understand that reporting accurate, reliable data depends on using precisely prepared reference materials. For this reason, quality is built into every Restek custom reference standard through two primary avenues: our formulations expertise and our ISO accreditation. Every custom reference standard request is thoroughly reviewed by two chemists to confirm chemical compatibility, solubility, and feasibility. When quoting your custom standard, we will recommend a mix or mixtures that comprise an ideal balance of compound compatibility, stability, number of ampuls, and user requirements.

Quality is further built in through our ISO accreditation, which is a rigorous quality standard that not all manufacturers have met. Our accreditation applies to greater than 90% of our custom reference standards as well as to our stock catalog standards. Standards manufactured under our ISO accreditations are defined as “certified reference materials,” and over a third of the ampuls that leave our facility are custom reference standards. Every month we produce hundreds of custom standards, the majority of which are top-tier CRMs.

Not only are most of Restek’s custom standards manufactured and QC tested in our ISO accredited labs, but we have also defined 10 critical steps ( that are the foundation of our reference standards program. As one example, our quality control lab fully characterizes all raw materials to confirm the chemical identity and purity of both mixture components and solvents, adjusting for anything less than 99%.

Through expert formulation, ISO accreditation, and processes that include thorough testing of raw materials and finished goods, Restek custom reference standards increase certainty in results and help you satisfy quality requirements more easily.

Convenient Services Streamline Your Processes

In addition to providing customized, top-quality reference standards, we offer convenient services that help labs work more efficiently and effectively. Restek’s Plus 1 consultative support is available to help you identify optimized custom formulations for your specific workflow. We also provide shelf-life information, so you can avoid using expired material, budget analyses most cost-effectively, and easily know when it is time to reorder. Once your custom order is established, you can choose to set up regular shipments (standing or “blanket” orders. Orders are only billed when they are shipped, so choosing to set up a standing order can simplify finances and ensure you automatically receive new ampuls when you need them.

Simplify lab operations and boost quality and efficiency with Restek custom reference standards.

Our formulations are made to your exact specifications and provide the security of knowing your standard was prepared under rigorous quality standards to ensure accuracy and performance.

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